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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Painting in Hohokus, NJ

March 27, 2024

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Our clients were doing a kitchen renovation and replacing cabinets was not in the budget. Instead, for a fraction of the cost GSG Custom Coatings was hired to refinish their existing cabinets with a new updated paint finish. We masked and protected all necessary surfaces, clean all cabinet surfaces with a mild detergent to remove grease, oils and contaminants. The doors and drawers were then removed, labeled and relocated for further preparation. We used professional high end sanding equipment attached to a dustless HEPA vacuum to sand and smooth all cabinet boxes, doors, drawers and appliance panels. High strength epoxy fillers and caulk were then applied to repair minor surface damage, cracks or blemishes.

Once all prep was complete, we applied two coats of Benjamin Moore ultra premium primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore ultra premium Advance, which is a water based/alkyd enamel paint. It’s high durability and washability make it ideal for cabinets and moldings. We apply the paint finish using the highest quality spray equipment on the market in order to achieve an ultra smooth furniture like paint finish. Sanding between coats to promote adhesion and to make the paint finish even smoother! Our clients wanted a grey color for the cabinets in a classy satin finish and a darker grey accent color for the kitchen island in a high gloss finish! It was absolutely stunning. If your considering updating or remodeling your kitchen and don’t want to go through replacing your cabinets, this is an amazing option that will give you the look you desire and last for many years to come.

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  • Benjamin Moore
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