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Kitchen Cabinet Painting And Re-Finishing in Old Tappan, NJ

March 27, 2024

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Our friends at White Maple Construction contracted us to paint and re-finish kitchen cabinets for one of their clients living in Old Tappan, NJ. We had our work cut out for us because the existing finish on the cabinets was a glaze, and there was quite a bit of kitchen grease that needed to be cleaned and removed. This is a critical step in the process and can not be overlooked if you want a beautiful, long-lasting finish. The preparation is 80% of the job. We started by removing all necessary doors, drawers, and hardware masking and protecting all adjacent surfaces. All surfaces to be painted were thoroughly cleaned with a mild detergent and water. The more stubborn areas were treated with a de-greaser, scrubbed with scouring pads, and then dried. Once all surfaces were clean, we carefully scraped and removed any loose and peeling glaze and paint. These areas were then feather sanded to promote adhesion and make the new paint finish look smoother. In addition, all surfaces received scuff sand to promote adhesion. Any larger paint voids, cracks, dents, and blemishes were spackled with high-performance wood filler and then sanded smooth.

Sashco Big Stretch caulking was applied to face panel joints and wall to cabinet joints where necessary. Big Stretch caulk is a very high-quality caulk that can stretch up to 2" and handle the panels' movement without failing. Once all prep was complete, using fine finish HVLP spray equipment, two coats of Stix Urethane Acrylic Bonding Primer was applied, followed by two coats of Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Cabinet Enamel. This water-based enamel resists yellowing compared to traditional oil-based enamels and creates a hard, durable finish that withstands the wear and tear of frequently cleaned and used areas. And because Emerald Urethane Enamel is a waterborne paint, it has a relatively low VOC content compared to traditional oil-based paints and lacquers. This gives us peace of mind we are using a safe and effective product that won't harm our customers or our employees. The finish is absolutely beautiful too!

Services: Cabinet Painting And Re-Finishing

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Products Used

  • High performance wood filler
  • Sashco Big Stretch Caulk
  • Stix Bonding primer
  • Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Enamel

Client Review

GSG painted kitchen cabinets for us and they did an extremely professional job. Cabinets are updated and now look like they're factory finished. We're extremely pleased with the results. I highly recommend GSG.

- Ryan B

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