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Cabinet Refinishing in Warwick, NY

March 27, 2024

Our client was very happy with their existing kitchen cabinet layout they just felt the color and finish needed an update. We worked together to choose a new color for the kitchen island to give the update a modern look and a “pop” of color. At the start of the project, all floors, countertops, appliances, cabinet boxes and adjacent walls and ceilings were masked and protected. Dust barriers were put up to contain the area and our high output blower and duct system installed to remove airborne particulate, dust and odors. Hardware was removed from the cabinet doors and drawers. We then removed all cabinet doors and drawers, labeled them and relocated them to a contained area on-site for refinishing.

Now we were ready to start our prep, the most important step in the process. First, we cleaned and degreased all surfaces, making sure no contaminants remained. Then the doors were sanded using our dustless HEPA vacuum and mechanical sanding equipment. After sanding, imperfections and cracks were filled. We had to apply a skim coat to a panel on the island due to all the existing paint peeling (see photos). After all initial prep was complete we applied two coats of Renner 643 primer with the 404 hardener. Doors were lightly sanded again then the top coat applied - two coats of Renner 765 super hand with the 404 hardener. The hardener is a catalyst that is added to the paint in order to provide a high level of durability to the undercoat and topcoats. Renner wood coatings are a high performance coating for kitchen cabinet re-finishing projects. We only use the best products available to the industry in order to deliver a long lasting beautiful, factory line finish to our clients. These cabinets looked brand new when we were done.

Services: Cabinet Refinishing

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Products Used

  • Renner wood coatings 643 primer
  • 765 super hang top coat
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