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Located in the town of Ramapo, NY. It is located north of Mahwah, NJ, which is east of Hillburn, south of Montebello, and west of Airmont.

Prior to the American Revolution, Suffern was known as, “The Point of the Mountains,” or, “Sidman’s Clove.” It was inhabited by the Ramapough Indians, who were a division of the Lenape nation. The area was sold to John Suffern after the land passed by inheritance to John Smith.

Suffern is part of the historic trail, “Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route. General Washington and the French comte de Rochambeau traveled the trail to the siege of Yorktown, VA, which led to the end of America’s War of Independence.

The first railroad line was built in 1841 and ran from Piermont to Ramapo and later to Lake Erie. Today, Suffern Station serves both local and express trains that are operated by the New Jersey Transit. In fact, most of the New Jersey Transit Main Line trains end at Suffern.

A number of notable residents have called Suffern home including many actors, actresses, singers, authors, journalists, sports players, and musicians.*

If you are a home or property owner in Suffern, you may be considering some home improvements or upgrades this year. GSG Painting Contractors is a local home improvement and painting company. We provide services in Suffern and surrounding areas to update older and newer homes or homes in need of repainting.

Many homeowners want to repaint but just can’t seem to find time enough to get it done. Even planning a painting or restoration project can be time consuming and frustrating. And it’s no wonder when all of us have to concentrate on earning a living and getting chores done.

Keeping up a home is no easy task, but with help your projects can become something you don’t have to worry about. Hiring professional contractors should alleviate the hassle and planning, as well as help you handle any problems that may arise.

Professional Painting Contractors in Suffern

Repainting your home is quite a project and will take some time. The first part of painting, the prep work, is what takes the most effort and time. Here’s where a lot of contractors will take short cuts that they shouldn’t.

If the contractor you are thinking of hiring doesn’t know how or doesn’t plan to prepare the surfaces of the walls prior to painting, the whole project will likely not turn out right. You’ll end up with bleed-through paint, splattered paint, oversprays, outlets or hinges painted, paint spills, and worse.

At GSG Painting Contractors, we know that in order to provide professional work, we can’t cut corners or use inferior paint. This is one reason why we have earned a place as the premier provider for interior and exterior home painting services in our area.

Painting and Restoration Services in Suffern

If you are wanting more room or are needing to better organize your space, you may be thinking about areas of the home you can add onto or renovate. Perhaps you have an old closet space that you’d like to merge into your master bath, or maybe your kitchen could use an update. Whatever you’re wanting to do, you’ll love your new space when you work with GSG Painting Contractors. We provide:

  • Interior painting

  • Exterior painting

  • Wallpaper installation and removal

  • Drywall and plaster repairs

  • Special, decorative finishes

  • Pressure Washing Cleaning services

  • Wood staining and preservation

  • Restoration services


Suffern, NY

If you are looking for painting or restoration contractor, please call GSG Painting Contractors at 201-447-0075 or fill out our online request form.

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