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Removing Old Paint From Your Ramsey Home Exterior

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Removing Paint from Home's Exterior

You may think that when it comes time to apply a new coat of paint to your Ramsey home that you can just slap it on over your existing one, but this is a mistake that home owners cannot afford to make. Before the painting process even begins, you have to properly prepare the surface to take the new coat, and that is going to mean removing every inch of old paints from your siding. By not properly removing paint the new coat will not adhere properly, which means that you might as well just be throwing your money away.

To prepare your home for repainting, you should consider the various methods for removal that might help do the job for you. Removing paint from a Ramsey home is no small task, though in some cases all you might need is to take advantage of a pressure washing service.

  • Proper Cleaning: Look for any trouble areas on your home. Mildew, dust, grime, stains, these all have to go before a new coat of paint is put down. Anything on the surface you are painting over will create a barrier to proper adhesion that might result in paint just chipping away. Pressure washing services will help to quickly remove this grime from your Ramsey home and get it ready to go.
  • Paint Sanding: This requires use of either sandpaper or an orbital sander. By sanding you can remove paint from large areas and create a smooth surface for your new paint to cling to. Just make certain that you do not use other types of sanders as they can actually end up damaging the wood.
  • Paint Melting: In some cases sanding paint will just not work. If your Ramsey home is covered in thick layers of paint, the only option might be to melt the old paint away. Paint melting can help remove heavy deposits, and uses a specialized electric paint remover to cook the paint right off.
  • Chemical Removers: This expensive alternative is not always the most environmentally friendly option but might become necessary on some smaller but tough jobs. This removal method needs to be handled carefully, as it can also end up creating problems for your new paint if not properly managed.
  • Paint Scraping: This method is exactly what it sounds like; you scrape off the old coat of paint until there is nothing left. This process can be rather exhausting, and requires use of a paint knife or brush to remove the paint in strips. You will have to wash the surfaces after this is done as well, to ensure that your new paint properly applies to your Ramsey home.

Before you begin repainting your Ramsey home, you will have to make certain that the surfaces you are planning to repaint are ready to go. This process is especially involved and can take hours of work, but by turning to the professional painters at GSG Painting, you can have this taken care of without breaking a sweat. A qualified and licensed painter will know exactly what methods work best for your Ramsey home so you can see exceptional lasting results from your new paint job.

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