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Common Reasons You May Need Drywall Repairs

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One of the responsibilities that comes with being a homeowner is taking care of repair needs. While this may not mean tackling them all as DIY projects, it does mean hiring the right professional to address the issue for you. A common issue you will run into is the need to take care of drywall repairs.

From the moment that you begin moving your stuff into your new home, you put the walls at risk of damage. Moving boxes, large and bulky furniture are just a few of the potential risks that your walls are up against. Let’s look at some of the other common reasons that you may need repairs, and who to contact to handle them.

Addressing the Threats

Obviously, the most common repair need is taking care of holes. From moving in your furniture to doorknobs to overestimating the power needed to mount a picture hanger on the wall with a hammer – holes happen. They should be addressed in a prompt and professional manner in order to avoid further damage, and to make sure they do not become the focal point of your interior space.
So what else is there to worry about?

Nail pops are one of the more frustrating issues that can arise, especially since they often pop in a complete row and not just solo. This is, at least, a relatively easy fix. Yet it is complicated enough to be best left to professionals. It is just as easy for a novice to end up making the problem look worse or become more noticeable.

Drywall often becomes damaged as the result of electrical or plumbing issues. It can become damp or singed and need minor or major repairs. Of course the first task at hand is to deal with the existing electrical or plumbing issue since there is no point in repairing the wall until the problem is resolved. A professional can determine the extent of the damage and respond accordingly.

Torn drywall usually occurs when someone, usually the homeowner, attempts to remove wallpaper. Just one more reason it is usually better to hire a professional for around the home tasks, as opposed to trying to do them yourself.

Experts at Work for You

Since 2003, GSG Painting Contractors has been the name that locals in New Jersey have called on, in order to get exceptional workmanship and superior results. When it comes to drywall repairs, no other company can offer the same level of excellence that we do. The sooner you give us a call, the sooner we can patch your wall.

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