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3 Solutions For Midland Park Wallpaper Removal

3 solutions for midland park wallpaper removal

If you have Midland Park old wallpaper that’s either gross looking, old, or peeling off your walls, there are ways to remove it without damaging your drywall or other materials underneath. It can be a real pain and struggle to remove old wallpaper, so if you have trouble or just don’t want to do it yourself, the wallpaper experts at GSG Painting Contractors can always come to your rescue. If anyone can get wallpaper removed without destroying the surface under it, GSG Painting Contractors can for the Midland Park, NJ and surrounding areas.

More often than not for the do-it-yourselfer, the wallpaper refuses to come off the wall until you end up destroying the materials underneath. There are plenty of people, however, that would prefer to do the wallpaper removal themselves, so we’ve put together a few tips to get rid of that ugly old wallpaper yourself.

1. Use hot water and a wallpaper removal solution you can get at your local Midland Park home improvement store. Zinsser DIF Wallpaper stripper concentrate mixed with hot water is one popular stripper. You’ll need to score the wallpaper with a scoring tool prior to spraying on the solution. Be sure to cover carpeting, furnishings, flooring, and outlets first and test a 3′ x 3′ section first to see if it’s safe for the surface underneath.

2. Use hot water and vinegar. This is a homemade solution for removing old wallpaper. You’ll score the surface first, spray on the solution, let it soak in and then begin to remove the wallpaper.

3. Use equal parts fabric softener with hot water mixed in a large spray bottle but mix it in small batches so the water stays as hot as possible. When removing Midland Park wallpaper, you want to score the wallpaper, then saturate a small area you can handle within about fifteen minutes, allowing the solution to soak in for a few minutes first. Start removing the wallpaper by grabbing it at a bottom corner and carefully pulling upward. When you’re done removing the wallpaper, use a tablespoon of dish detergent mixed in a bucket of very hot water. Scoring will allow your solution to penetrate behind the wallpaper so the adhesive is affected.

Long ago, wallpaper was manufactured with different adhesives, which can mean there are different ways to remove it safely. Plus, there are different types of wallpaper made of different materials, so methods can vary there too. GSG Painting Contractors have the experience to know how to properly remove your old Midland Park wallpaper, so if you decide not to mess with it yourself, you can trust we’ll do a great job for you.

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