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Wood Staining & Preservation

Wood staining

The wood surfaces in your home, be they indoors or out, should be properly finished to provide superior protection and rich lasting beauty. Your wood surfaces are an attractive part of your home, but they can also be one of the areas in which maintenance requirements are often high. Preserving your wood and protecting it against problems such as rot and general wear is a must if you want to get the most visual appeal out of these surfaces, and keep the value of your home at its peak.

By staining your wood work, you can create a bold and rich new look that will certainly add a luxurious quality to any home. Consider the warm look of maple on your banisters, or how your deck and exterior stairs can be completely transformed after proper finishing. By preserving your wood, you will get the most out of this investment, and preserve the appeal of your home in the process.

Call the wood staining professionals at GSG Painting Contractors today to get started on:

  • Waterproof your wood: By water proofing the wood surfaces on the exterior of your home, such as siding, decks, and stairs, you can ensure that they will last a lifetime and not need replacement. Wood indoors isn’t safe either from potential water damage, which will greatly accelerate its deterioration.
  • Stop sunlight: Sunlight actually causes damage to wood over time, causing it to fade and deteriorate. With a finish you protect it against UV rays, which are a must with exterior surfaces, or those indoors near natural lighting.
  • Color your Wood: One great advantage of wood staining is that it can completely change the look and appeal of your wood surfaces, offering you a variety of options as far as their color. While some people prefer to paint over wood, finishing can offer rich, warm results that can be tailored to compliment nearly any design choice.

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