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Located in the town of Clarkstown, NY, New City is a hamlet with over 33,500 people according to the U.S. Census in 2010. It is noted as an affluent suburb of New York City.

The downtown area of New City is one of the main business districts in Rockland County. The police station, sheriff’s office and corrections facility is also located downtown.

New City has seen much growth between 1950 and 1980. In spite of this, the northern side of New City has remained less densely populated that other areas. There you’ll find some tranquil places with wooded acres, winding roads, lakes, streams, and old stone walls. A few small farms still remain even though the land has been developed nearby.

If you own a home in New City and want to repaint or remodel, we hope you will consider GSG Painting Contractors. Our contractors not only paint but also do remodeling and restoration. We provide expert services to New City and surrounding areas of New Jersey and New York.

You may have been wanting to do a few home improvement projects this year, but been hesitant about calling in a contractor. GSG Painting Contractors is a name you can trust.

Professional Painting Contractors In New City

When you begin to think about repainting your home, it’s easy to be fearful of getting involved with a company you know little about. This is for good cause. There are things you will want to know about your contractor that they should have no issue with providing.

Always know that questions shouldn’t be avoided and that an honest answer is the only answer you should take from someone. If you’re calling around and the person isn’t able to provide you with past references, you may want to move onto someone else. You need a professional with a good reputation, so be sure you’re able to see some photos of past work or can call on some of the clients for referrals.

Painting And Restoration Services In New City

When you need professional painting contractors, or contractors with the skill and equipment to renovate or remodel your rooms, GSG Painting Contractors is your premier choice. We provide:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Wallpaper installation and removal
  • Drywall and plaster repairs
  • Special, decorative finishes
  • Pressure Washing Cleaning services
  • Wood staining and preservation
  • Restoration services

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Why Choose Us as Your Painting Contractor

High Standards

By keeping our work held to the highest standards of excellence, we have helped develop a strong working relationship with customers in the New Jersey area. [...]

The Best Manufacturers

We know that quality starts with the materials you use on the job, and we only supply our customers with the very best. [...]

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Our graphic designers have prepared this unique layout - based on any previous marketing materials [...]

Reason to Choose

Our graphic designers have prepared this unique layout - based on any previous marketing materials [...]

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